HOG app provides an opportunity to play traditional games with a twist of high intelligence & technology to WIN rewards.


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To start your journey on the HOG app, first of all, you need to select a match that you want to play on the app. After that, click on it and play.

Join Contests

After creating your team on the HOG app, choose your player and join your desired contest with your team. You can even join various leagues with a different team to play your game.

Win Rewards

Play your selected game or content with your team or alone. And WIN an abundance of rewards, as per the game standard

HOG Games


We offer the best gaming experience with an Advanced User Interface
that gives the real joy of playing games online.

Select a Game

100% Safe & Secure Transactions
Zero Fraud Assurance
Identity Data Privacy

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Earn on every game you play
Refer to your friends & earn
Instant withdrawal

Win Rewards

Play 2D Games Online 24*7
Chess, Cricket, Rummy & More
High Tech Interface

Benefits of Playing Games on
HOG App.

Playing a virtual game online on HOG offers the opportunity to WIN amazing rewards. Just log in, choose your game, join the contest, play, and win